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The Commander is the unofficial leader of the Vanarchists and one of the main antagonists.  Although at first believed to be a human named Jonathan Van Bien, he would later be revealed to actually be a werewolf named Vseslav De Vrkolak.


Vseslav appeared to have great compassion for werewolves, claiming to have formed the Vanarchists in order to protect them from Red Bat .  However he also has an extreme hatred of vampires , feeling that Bethany and Julius had 'dishonoured' themselves by working with vampires, even those unassociated with Red Bat, and declared that if they defend a vampire, then they die with a vampire.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Vseslav, like all werewolves, is able to assume a wolf form.  His typically resembles a large, black fured, bipedal wolf with talons and red glowing eyes.  Being centuries old, he is stronger than most werewolves, able to survive a fall that would have killed a human being.

Behind the scenesEdit

Vseslav shares his first name with an eleventh century Belarussian prince who was said to take on the form of a wild beast on the battlefield.  His last name, 'Vrkolak', is the Bulgarian and Macedonian word for 'werewolf'.

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