• Hello, friend.

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    • Hiya!

      Sorry I disappeared for a while. Life's gotten busy once again. (And I was at comic con! :D) And I'm probably going to be disappearing a lot now. But I'll try make edits to the wiki when I can.

      So you saw the documentary about the project? It was great, eh? But I noticed you were only in it for a little bit reading one of your posts. Did you not do a video interview or something?

      Also, you might like this. It's a summary of the Saturday MoA panel. Since I noticed you asked about our questions and it doesn't seem like you got answered.

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    • I read about all of that, but thanks for the link. Personally, I was just happy to be acknowledged for my contributions. My username even appeared in their video, along with this wiki! :D

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    • Well you definately deserve it! You were one of the most dedicated users for the projects. And yeah, it's really great that they focused on the users and even included this wiki.

      Do you know what user that first person was? Her name was Christina Coffaro or something. For everyone else, they used the username, but not her.

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    • I don't know who that was. Sorry. :(

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    • No problem, I was just a little curious. I wonder if its Anonymius.....

      So are you showing off that video to any friends? :p And what's the plan now? Just to get this wiki 100% complete?

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    • I showed my family, who were very excited about what happened. :D

      Right now, I'm trying to make this wiki complete. That, and I'm trying to complete the bios for Gankutsuou characters on the Villains wiki.

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    • I see. Well good luck. Hopefully I can help out a little here and there with this wiki.

      It seems like they added a video of the actual Saturday panel on this page I watched the first half, (planning to watch the rest when I can) and they briefly mentioned this wiki in a question to Maruyama-san.

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