• Anonymius

    Now I know that a number of us who contributed to the projects, myself included, who despite our passion and the effort we put in, were not too pleased with the end results for any of them.  That's mainly because we failed to work together in order to create consistent stories, in spite of certain users' attempts to create a cohesive narrative, with many users more concerned with promoting their own ideas rather than a commitment to the general plot or the story as a whole.  

    This shouldn't have happened.  It was more than possible to work individually on the story and build upon previous entries without contradicting or disregarding some.  Of course a level of communication would have helped as well, especially with the last one, due to so…

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  • Anonymius

    Contributor pages

    September 29, 2013 by Anonymius

    Hey all,

    I was wondering about maybe making a few pages on this website in the category of 'contributors', basically making pages for everyone that has contributed on the projects to commemorate every individual user who has worked on the projects, like making a page for an author, mentioning what ideas they added to the story, their styles and themes, how much they contributed and how essential it played in the main plot and how well they've kept to the story continuity wise.  Say no if you think this is a bad idea and you wouldn't want someone making pages about you, it was just a thought.  

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